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Selftrack was established in 2007 in order to incorporate the latest GPS/GSM tracking technology that would enable a user to self-manage, self-configure, self-monitor and self-TRACK any vehicle, fleet, person or high value asset, mainly to increase productivity and efficiency, but also to provide peace of mind, improved security and of course stolen vehicle recovery to assist the insurance industry!

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Even though the tracking industry was already well established, Selftrack brought about unique self-management features allowing users to monitor their tracking devices themselves in real-time, from any Internet connected computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone. In addition, users can view historic trips made, draw reports, control who receives alerts in respect of panic, speeding, moving, geo-fencing, battery tampering and much more.Selftrack also introduced prepaid tracking to the industry, offering an alternative payment option to expensive leasing or financing models available in the market. NO credit vetting or contracts are required, simply pay the monthly monitoring fees for as long as you require tracking services (rental option remains available!). Selftrack’s very affordable fees include a SIM card with unlimited data airtime to ensure uninterrupted tracking services!

  • Quality of life, peace of mind, total security
  • Freedom of tracking anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere, from any internet connected device
  • Increase business intelligence through improved productivity & efficiency


Managing Director

Pieter is a family man with a generous heart, a well-versed entrepreneur who has started several successful companies in his lifetime. His interests are business, leadership, reading, sport and photography. He has many accolades attached to his 7th generation name in three of those areas: sport, business and photography.

Pieter’s vision is to, after having lived a full life one day, to give back to life what he has received and inspire younger generations to live fully, freely! He shares a birthday with Nelson Mandela, is a freelance radio presenter and active karate instructor.
Pieter’s key to success is that in order to be an effective leader, you have to have a clear vision, embrace change, have passion & integrity, be humble, develop your people, be accessible, give credit, be servant and have a higher purpose!


Accounts Manager

Like any business who has a major general, Sonja is the dictator in the office, ensuring that all process controls are followed and that all paperwork is completed fully, thereby keeping especially the sales executives on their toes!

Sonja is a cat-lover with a passion for caring and exercises the same dedication to her work. She has matured well through life and has a refreshing sense of humor, adding to the pleasant working environment in the Selftrack office.
Sonja is extremely efficient in keeping Selftrack’s client and supplier accounts in good order and has a very committed attitude towards providing the best service and support possible! She is also responsible for the very good progress towards implementing more efficient financial systems such as the bookkeeping and debit order collection services.


Support Engineer

Gerald has been with Selftrack since the company started in 2007. From being the initial Installer and running the basics in the office, Gerald has worked himself up through the ranks of Selftrack to become the Customer Care Manager and has recently been promoted to the Support and Maintenance Technician.

From helping customers to understand and use the platform, he now works on maintaining the system and assists in developing new features.
Gerald is very loyal, dedicated and committed and stands up to any challenge thrown his way. He enjoys social life and sport and is a league action cricket player.


Customer Care Manager

Odelia is an intelligent, honest, creative, hard-working and disciplined individual with high standards and morals. She believes in teamwork and leading by example.

She strives towards success and likes being challenged with new problems or experiences. She is eager to learn new things and pushes herself to always give her best. As the Customer Care Manager she is dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing all of Selftrack’s clients with excellent after sale service. Some of her interests include reading and online gaming. She has achieved National Colours in Gauteng and the North West with her online gaming in the MOBA, League of Legends (Mulitplayer Online Battle Arena).


Sales Executive

Dirk’s philosophy in life is to work hard, Live simple, Love more, Expect less and Forgive every day, free your heart from hate. He has an above normal sense of humor and very positive attitude to life!

Dirk is passionate about his work and feels very blessed to come home every night to a warm house with an awesome partner and wonderful food. His interests include fishing, exercise and bodybuilding.


Reception and Customer Care

Daleen is a born and bred Pretoria girl. She did her matric at High School CJ Langenhoven in 1994 and did a Secretarial and Computer Diploma thereafter.

Daleen has been working in administrative positions for the past 20 years and is seen as an invaluable part of the organisation. She is very skilled in dealing with customers and all administrative and organisational issues. She is meticulous in her work and tends to almost be a perfectionist. She also assists the Customer Care Manager in dealing with most of the client queries that comes through on a daily basis.
Daleen is an outgoing and friendly person and forms friendships with her co-workers easily. She is married and has one son and highly values her personal time at home with her family and friends.


Technical Service & Installations

Jaco started his career in the tracking industry in 2002 and became familiar with the tracking and motor industry over the years. During his employment in the industry Jaco was involved in the processes relating to, and the recovery of stolen vehicles. Jaco has a vast knowledge in the auto electrical field and specializes in fault finding and problem solving thereof. Jaco has a passion for what he does and for him it’s all about safety and protecting your loved ones with the technology that is available in today’s market.

With Selftrack you have total peace of mind and can keep track of what matters most to you at any given time.
Jaco is a loyal, friendly and dedicated hard worker and always ready for any obstacle life places on his path.

Selftrack is a user-friendly Internet platform to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles, employees, high value assets or friends and family members for many reasons including productivity, safety, security and peace of mind! Simply login from any Internet connected laptop, tablet or smart phone and view devices in realtime or history whilst you can setup alerts to inform preferred contacts of violations such as Panic, Speed, Movement, Geofence and Driver conduct.

The Selftrack Internet website User Interface offers the user Realtime tracking, History tracking, Geofence setup and Route planning menus. In addition, the user can manage his/her own profile, password, devices, subscriptions, contacts, groups, places and trip editor as well as draw Reports on trips, devices, contacts, alerts or SARS Tax Logbook.

Smartphones have taken the market by storm and Selftrack’s mobile app enables you to conveniently manage your own portfolio of devices from the comfort of your own phone.


Realtime & History Tracking
SIM Card
Panic Alert
Battery Level Alert
Battery Tamper
Mobile App
(Apple & Android)


Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Reports & SARS Tax Logbook
Speed Alert
Movement Alert
Geofence Alert
Driving Behaviour
Driver Management
Excessive Idling
Crash Detection


For your convenience Selftrack has developed a countrywide footprint of accredited and experienced fitment centers, of which most offer mobile installers for onsite installation.